Monday, January 26, 2009

Walking in Genéve

Next week I have a series of work related meetings in Lausanne, Switzerland, so (as I almost always try to do) I came a couple of days before.

I've arrived to Geneva today at 7 am, I did the checking-in at hotel, rest a bit (the flight and 6 hours time difference were killing me), and went around the city.

Tomorrow morning I'll meet some of my colleagues around the world and we will go for some site seeing, then at night we will arrive to the city of Lausanne were we will held the sessions.

On Friday we will come back to (I'm hopping they will take us to know the MSC HQs), and the next weekend I got it free.

I am not sure what will I do over that weekend, probably go to the mountains, or travel to some other European countries (I learned today that France is 5 km from here, and Italy 30).

I will be telling you more one of this days, but now I'm tired and I'm going to sleep.

Best regards to all.

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