Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm in Lausanne, Switzerland

Today I write from the shores of Lake Geneva in the city of Lausanne.
It's really hard to describe places as beautiful as this.

When you walk through the streets of cities like this, where each step is either uphill or downhill, but never horizontal, one can't help to think that despite the difficulties they managed to make progress, not only economic progress but also social progress, while at the same time our beloved Argentina, like most of Latin America, is seriously stuck in both aspects of their development (and I say stuck for not saying regressing).

Yes, someone will jump to say that this country is what it is thanks to money they store, but to get to that, to the point where people (good or bad) rely on this place to deposit their funds, to arrive to that point this country should have done a great job, since (despite what some people thinks) trust is not a right, nor is it something that comes from the grace of the Holy Spirit, trust is earned and you must deserve it.

Uppsss I'm rambling a lot today!
That happens when you stroll for hours by a beautiful lake, clean and full of wildlife :-)

I leave you with a hug.

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